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Pitching and catching clinic

Our catching clinic will start next Monday. There will be two groups each 45 minutes.

Pitching clinic will begin Sunday 8/6 for 3 Sundays. There also will be two groups each 45 minutes.

Please email if you are interested. Clinic close Friday!

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Games for tonight are canceled. Your coaches should be reaching out!

Sundays picture schedule

Picture Schedule: 12:00PM Badgers 12:15PM Jaguars 12:30PM Raptors 12:45PM Sharks 1:00PM minor Rage 1:10 Minor Ladybugs 1:45PM Falcons 2:00PM Ladybugs (Freshman division) 2:15PM Blue Jays 2:30PM minor


Alll games and practice are canceled for today due to the field conditions. Make up date will be sent out this weekend.


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