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First week in the books

Good evening,

We are through our first full week; what a great week. Thank you to our coaches and parents for helping with raking after the game and emptying your trash barrels. 

Just a few reminders:

1. You are on school property, and NO SMOKING is allowed. 

2. Parking is NOT allowed against the fence. If you park behind the building, it needs to be on the blacktop or the grass closest to the blacktop.

3. The gate to the back of the school cannot be opened until 5:30 when after-school care ends. This rule must be followed, or the school will not allow cars past the gate to park.

4. Please make sure you are picking up your trash. There are trash barrels at every field!

5. If you bring a pet, it is your responsibility to pick up their poop.

6. Opening day is Sunday; your coaches should have informed you of your game time. The Board will make the call by Saturday evening because the weather isn't looking great. Keep an eye out for updates in your emails and on our website. Coaches will also follow up with their team if anything changes. 

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